Content Management FAQ

Frequently asked questions about ReZolve's SSIDM Content Management System

How do I create and manage the website?

Together with the website, you get access to SSIDM Studio. This a special website that allows you add to and amend the site whenever you want. You can access the Studio from anywhere with an Internet connection.

See our dedicated SSIDM website for mor information on how the Studio works.

How long does it take to set up?

From the time of order, we aim to have the development site up and running within 24-48 hours. From there, it will depend on the complexity of the design and content creation you require, but we will always agree timescales with you at the start. We have had sites up and running in just a day!

How does it work?

Without getting too technical, the pages and settings for every SSIDM website are held in a separate database. Each page is created in real time from the database as a visitor browses your site. The SSIDM Studio give you access to all these pages and settings so that you can design and edit the website.

Can I host my SSIDM website?

No, the website has to be hosted on our web servers, which are specially configured for the job. Our servers are located in a professional hosting facility with security, backup, UPS and multiple high speed Internet connections.

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