Key Features

Every SSIDM website comes with a set of powerful features that are set up and ready to use.

Below is an illustration of our demonstration page with the key features marked and described.

demonstration page

A: Site Styles

There are a further three site layouts in addition to the one you see here:

  • text only provides a high contrast styles for those with restricted sight, or using a screen reader
  • pda is a single column layout for mobile devices
  • print view removes navigation for a clear page printout

B: Search

All content added to the website is automatically indexed so that visitors can search on any word as well as by Site Section.

You can extend the search capabilities by adding search categories.

C: Navigation Bar

This follows the visitor's progress around the website, showing whereabouts in the site they are, and providing quick links back.

D: Main Menu

Main 'Site Section's can be defined which provide the top-level navigation. Adding key pages for the section expands the menu for further choices within the section.

E: Text Styles

Text styles are defined for the site as a whole ensuring that all content is consistent for a professional looking result.

F: Images

Images can be uploaded or copied straight into a page. All images are added to an easily-managed Image Library from where they can be re-used in any other pages.

G: RSS News Feeds

When you add new content to the site you can decide whether it appears in a news feed. You can have a news feed for each Site Section and one for the whole site.

RSS Feeds are the best way to allow visitors to the site to keep up to date with new content.

H: Links

You can add links in-line with the text or as a Panel on the page, as below.

Links can be to another page on the website, or to an external website. You can also link to attached documents.

I: Attached Documents

Attachments can appear as aniline links but, in a Panel, they can also include an RSS Feed. This make them ideal for pod-casting.

J: Panels

Panels are like min pages that you can add to a page to provide extra content in a discrete box.

Panels can appear at the top, left, bottom or right of a page, and can be in any of the predefined site colours.

K: Footer Menu

You can link to other sections of the website using a link on the footer menu.

L: Copyright

Your own copyright notice is automatically added to each page.


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