Content Management Sample

This page illustrates the main features of a typical SSIDM website.

Note that a number of 'styles' can be used on the page, but that they all conform to a set of 'site styles' are part of the initial site design. This ensure that all the content you add is consistent making for a professional look and feel.

These styles can be amended at any time; you only have to alter a text colour in the Studio and all the whole website is updated immediately.


ring binder and penAny number of images can be added to a page and you can easily align them with the text. The Page Editor ensures that you add a text caption to each image for accessibility.

All images on the website can be re-used and managed from the Image Library.

RSS Feeds

Note the RSS news feed on the left. When you add new content to the site you can decide whether it appears in a news feed. You can have a news feed for each Site Section and one for hte whole site.

RSS Feeds are the best way to allow visitors to the site to keep up to date with new content.


You can add links inline with the text like this: Find out more about RSS at Wikipedia, or as a Panel on the page, as below.


Similarly, attachments can appear as inline links but, in a Panel, they can also include an RSS Feed. This make them ideal for podcasting.

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