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The beta version of version 4 of Kayako's SupportSuite, eSupport and LiveResponse were made available on 8th August. This is my log of how our evaluation progressed.


Importing data - attempt 2

Last night adjusted PHP.INI:-

  • memory_limit = 192M (was 128M)

This morning: -

  • drop all tables from v4 database
  • replaced setup folder
  • re-ran setup
  • started import - using Admin CP import option this time

v4 beta import from admin control panel

After 44 minutes success: -

v4 import complete

V4 Beta Evaluation continued...

11 Aug 2010 07:44

Importing data from live ReZolve support database

Following instructions here:-

We have had attachments set to store as files for some time but there will be some early attachments that need conversion.


  • Created new MySQL backup and ensured backup of files folder included any aded since last night.
  • Copied code for moveattachments.php to /cli
  • Ran script from command prompt. No errors and created approx 400 new attachments in files folder.
  • Copied contents of files folder (627 Mb) to __swift\files folder in V4 setup.
  • Disabled scheduled task for cron parser
  • In command prompt, in console folder of V4 installation, run import script and wait.

20:02 Started...

kayako fusion v4 import in progress...Cumulative progress (16.49%) of records in whole database.

20:13 - 32.11%...

20:19 - 52.76% - over half way...

20:40 - 94.28% - Allowed memory size exhausted 8-(

allowed memory size exhausted

Hopefully this will help:

Try again tomorrow...

10 Aug 2010 19:50

Cannot connect to database

kayako fusion database errorOops. Enabled PDO but not PDO for MySQLpdo support - no value


  • extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll

And now have a working support centre...kayako fusion v4 beta

9 Aug 2010 19:56

PDO not installed

Runing for the first time: -

PHP Fatal error: Class 'PDO' not found in C:\Web\Kayako\\__swift\library\Database\class.SWIFT_Database.php on line 300

Amended PHP.INI

  • extension=php_pdo.dll

Fixed but...

9 Aug 2010 19:53

Kayako fusion Auto Setup

On with Auto Setup...

kayako fusion auto setup

9 Aug 2010 19:31

Kayako V4 Beta Installation

  • Unzipped installation files into a new folder
  • Created virtual directory to run beta from
  • Created new MySQL database and altered config.php to suit
  • Ran setup from but failed diagnostics, as below: -

kayako fusion failed diagnosticsAmended PHP.INI: -

  • magic_quotes_gpc = off
  • extension=php_curl.dll

Wait for later to restart IIS...

Fixed: -

kayako fusion checks fixed

9 Aug 2010 15:35

Version 4 Beta released for download

Downloaded version 4.00.818 and the key file for our own SupportSuite licence. Archive contains the desktop app and the usual upload folder containing all the PHP code.

Need to decide how best to evaluate. Ideally need to install as a copy first before applying to our live help-desk. There is an import facility so setting this up shouldn't be an issue but not yet sure how the licence will work as the eval copy would have to reside on a different URL.

Also need to decide whether to use PDO or ADODB. Tempted to try SQL Server as we have 2008 Express with Advanced Services on the server as wells as MySQL.

8 Aug 2010 12:40

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