2.8.005a Improved security with one-way hashed passwords.
User (Contact) passwords are no longer visible in plain text. Forgotten passwords are reset using a password reset URL send to the user. User IDs and passwords can no longer be included in Messages.

2.8.005b – Bug
Form status -1 and report format string

2.8.005c – Fixed cookie security issue.
Cookies no longer stored with XML data

2.8.005d – Bug: some category options display as language code
Always use survey in catoption selection

2.8.005e – Hide contact password
User password no longer visible in Contacts

2.8.005f –┬áSecurity update
It is no longer an option to include password reminders in messages. This is to increase security by no passing passwords in plain text. Passwords are now all encrypted and cannot be read anyway.

Users can now log in using their email address as well as their user ID

2.8.005j #27
Added UK/Os and Arrivals sample to Detailed Sample report in Results