ReZolve SMS Support using Kayako helpdesk

You can now access ReZolve support using SMS text messages. Just text REZOLVE , followed by your query, to +447786200690. We’ll reply to your mobile via text just like an email ticket.

How It Works

The ticket works via an SMS-to-Email service provided by TextLocal. This passes your SMS text to a bespoke module in our support centre where it is converted into an email and imported into the helpdesk as normal. It uses your mobile number to create a unique email address that we can use to reply. When we reply, the email sent to this email address is converted back into an SMS text message and sent to your mobile.

Please Note

  • Because a typical ticket subject would take up a large part of the text message, only the body of the email is sent. This means that it’s not possible to identify the ticket from the usual ticket ID. Instead, any replies are linked to the most recent open SMS ticket. For this reason you will only have one SMS ticket open at once.
  • Because replies need to be sent to the special SMS email address, the helpdesk will create a separate User record for you for SMS tickets. You can still access and reply to your SMS tickets via the support centre: by logging in as that user.

SMS Integration

If you want to send and receive SMS messages from your website we offer bespoke integration services with the txtLocal SMS Service.