Welcome to our new helpdesk

From June 2019 we are launching a new support helpdesk powered by ZoHo. The support portal is at the same web address: support.rezolve.co.uk and will operate in the same way as the previous helpdesk, relying on support tickets to allow you and ourselves to keep track of any incident or query raised with our support or sales departments. You’ll notice a different format for the ticket IDs and for the emails you receive, and we’ve also introduced a quick feedback form for when the ticket is closed. Note that any open tickets you have at present will be continue to be served by the old system until they are closed. 

Remember that you can get a lot more from the helpdesk if you sign up. A link to do so will be sent when you next raise a new ticket with us. This will allow you to create a new password. Here’s what the new ReZolve support portal looks like:

You can find out more about all our support options here: https://www.rezolve.co.uk/support/

The helpdesk will include access to current and past tickets as well as our knowledgebase, which we are in the process of migrating from the old system. If you have questions about using the new helpdesk, or suggestions for topics to include in the knowledgebase, please let us know.