Changes to the rules on using cookies and similar technologies for storing information

The law which applies to how you use cookies and similar technologies for storing information on a user’s equipment such as their computer or mobile device changed on 26 May 2011. This page sets out how these changes may affect your ReZolve website and explains what steps you need to take to ensure you comply.

It's still early days with the changes to the laws regarding cookies and website owners have been given a year to comply even though they came into force this week.

Cookie UserThe new laws are aimed at the use of cookies to store personal information and preferences, something that most websites that ReZolve develop rarely do. Our most common use of cookies is to store limited data to save a user from having to log in each time they visit the site. This probably comes under the exception to the rules "where such storage or access is strictly necessary for the provision of an information society service requested by the subscriber or user".

However, we will be monitoring this as more guidance is issued and some potential solutions emerge. The bottom line is that you shouldn't have anything to worry about right now.

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Information Commissioner's Office

Last updated: 28/05/2011

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