We use professional software tools to properly analyse your website's current position, compare it to the competition, analyse your keywords and optimise your web pages.

We can undertake a free review of your website and provide a proposal for improving the placement of the site with popular search engines like GoogleYahoo and Bing. Alternatively, our professional SEO report provides in-depth analyse of the main pages of your website and provides detailed recommendations for improving your website's search rankings.

ReZolve SEO Tips

Our top 3 tips when working on search engine optimisation: 

1 Keywords

Pick the keywords you want to promote carefully. Be realistic – common keywords like ‘computers’ or ‘cakes’ will have millions of websites competing for search engine placement. Choose words or phrases that are more specific like ‘fast computer repairs’ or ‘handmade wedding cakes’. Fewer people will be searching for such terms but the competition will be narrower resulting in a better placement for these keywords.

2 Content

The content must be relevant to the keywords you are promoting. You won’t be successful with the keyword ‘fast computer repairs’ if this text never appears in the text on the page.

Your keyword(s) must appear in the title tag and description meta tag. You should also use them in heading tags (h1, h2, etc), use them as bold text within paragraphs, in links and as ‘alt text’ on images.

3 Incoming Links

Generate as many incoming links as possible. Search engines will see these as indications that your website is popular and important, and increase your ranking accordingly.

This is only a brief guide. For a summary report on your website’s search engine optimisation, contact us for a free SEO report.