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RIBOS Update 2.9.010

By richard | 1st January 2022

2.9.010a – Visual Studio 2022 .Net 4.8 2.9.010b – Allow Date Range across all surveys

RIBOS Update 2.9.009

By richard | 1st September 2021

2.9.009 – database 48 2.0.009a – Forecasting 2.0.009b – Forecasting – all sectors 2.0.009c – Forecasting – profile export 2.0.009d – New site menu 2.0.009e – Fixed missing forecast forms in SC and CC 2.0.009f – Fixed double admin forecast forms in CC 2.0.009g – Redesigned data form status in Data Forms search 2.0.009h –…


RIBOS Update 2.9.008

By richard | 14th December 2020

2.9.008a – Facility to Email from Contacts


RIBOS Update 2.9.007

By richard | 4th June 2020

2.9.007a – New feature: Queries in Reports 2.9.007b – Reworked Date Range so Title is less confusing 2.9.007c – ‘With Revenue’ option in Profile Lists 2.9.007d – Added Month Mode to Profile Lists 2.9.007e – Moved Revenue flag to RANGE 2.9.007f – Renamed Mailing Lists to Profile Lists (Filters) 2.9.007g – Added Covid exclusion to…


RIBOS Update 2.9.006

By richard | 7th April 2020

2.9.006a : Addition of COVID-19 option to data forms 2.6.006b : Fixed calculation of revenue results in Date Range 2.9.006c – Fixes for STR and Revenue in Date Range #929 2.9.006d – Store code errors in ERRORLOG 2.9.006e – Return to reports when switching survey in Range 2.9.006f – Fix phrases with survey units 2.9.006g…


RIBOS Update 2.9.005

By richard | 24th February 2020

RIBOS Update 2.9.005 provides a new Date Range module which allows saving and re-use of reports


RIBOS Update 2.9.004

By richard | 10th February 2020

2.9.004a – Add analysis for Northern Ireland 2.9.004b – Select from PROFILELIST using POSTCODE 2.9.004c – Fixes to Charts and dashboard 2.9.004d – Fixes to NI results

Welcome to our new helpdesk

By richard | 17th June 2019

From June 2019 we are launching a new support helpdesk powered by ZoHo. The support portal is at the same web address: and will operate in the same way as the previous helpdesk, relying on support tickets to allow you and ourselves to keep track of any incident or query raised with our support or sales departments. You’ll…


RIBOS Update 2.9.003

By richard | 24th February 2019

[Issue #41] Updated Charts in Admin CP using charts.js and including annual category charts [Issue #40] Allow duplicate profiles using profile rank for imported STR data [Issue #39] Incoming mail moved to alternative mail server with spam filtering. [Issue #38] Export of personal results including ID, profile number and the main personal results. Added as…

Office 365 Service degradation

By richard | 24th January 2019

Users may be unable to connect to the Exchange Online service. Latest message:Title: Can’t access email User Impact: Users may be unable to connect to the Exchange Online service. Current status: We’ve determined that a subset of mailbox database infrastructure became degraded, causing impact. We’re identifying the next troubleshooting steps to remediate impact. Scope of…


RIBOS Update 2.9.002

By richard | 17th November 2018

[Issue #35]  Move left-hand dialog boxes to popups to make full use of the page width. Affects Contacts, Profiles, Data Forms and Users in Admin CP

Network problems affecting hosting services – resolved

By richard | 9th October 2018

We are currently experiencing some network connectivity issues at our hosting provider’s data centre. They are currently investigating this as a top priority, and we will update you here again as soon as possible. The root cause has been identified, and we are seeing services operating normally but continue to monitor the situation.