The most effective way of getting help is via our helpdesk ticket system. This alerts all support staff immediately a new support email, or a reply to an existing query is received. For new tickets, alerts are also sent to staff via SMS.

Our support helpdesk tracks all correspondence about each query on a ticket, which is given a unique number. This enables you and our support team to keep track of the query and any associated file attachments or screen shots. We also use this to prioritise queries so that the most urgent are dealt with promptly and that no query can be left unanswered.

To create a new support ticket by email, send your query, together with up to 3 attachments, to the address below and you will receive an immediate notification telling you that the query has been logged.

To add to an existing ticket, simply reply to any of the emails you have received, making sure that the correct ticket ID remains in the subject at all times. The ticket ID is used to keep all the correspondence for a query together.

If you want to include other people in the ticket conversation, add them as CCs and they will be automatically included in all further replies.

To help us maintain the highest level of service, please try not to: –

  • reply to a ticket by sending a new email without the ticket ID – this will create a new ticket which will have to be manually merged with the previous replies
  • forward a reply to a ticket to a different email address – it will bypass the support system altogether
  • copy replies to staff email addresses – staff get email notifications of all replies anyway
  • notify us of a new query or problem using an existing ticket reply – it won’t generate a notification and a new ticket will have to be manually created

Note: if you email a member of staff directly, the email will not go into the ticket system and may go answered until they are able to check their emails and respond.