RIBOS Update 2.9.001

Updated project to .Net 4.0, VS2017

#34: Participant passwords expire immediately on use
Password reset email links for participants now last for 24 hours or until the password form is submitted, whichever is sooner

#28: Missing touring analysis by Type in Months to Date
Month to Date analysis in Date Range now includes all touring occupancy rates

#29 ASPEmail doesn’t work with SendGrid API
Replaced APSEmail with standard Mail library
All system emails sent via SendGrid instead of local mail server

#30: Analysis of Regular Returners
A new option allowing the analysis if regular and occasional returners. There is a new Category for this with two options: Regular and Occasional. A regular returner is defined as having returned in the current month (the one being analysed) as well as the previous 11 months, otherwise they Occasional. This is calculated at the time the analysis is run as a new Data Check.

#31: Language phrase maintenance for categories
Both categories and Category Options include a language phrase for each installed language. This will be hidden where there is only a single language but changing the title will now update the language phrase at the same time.

#32: Whole Park analysis
Additional occupancy rate in Touring which calculates pitch occupancy for profiles identified as Whole Park under profile type.
The option to include whole parks in the TOUR result is now optional. Set it in Options, [analysis]

#33: Allow Duplicate Email Addresses
Altered password reminder system to allow for contacts with multiple email addresses. Users can get a password reminder by quoting User ID and can get ID reminder by quoting email address.

#11: Login as user
Added second password to Contacts used by a one-time password facility under the ID in Contacts.