RIBOS Update 2.9.009

2.9.009 – database 48
2.0.009a – Forecasting
2.0.009b – Forecasting – all sectors
2.0.009c – Forecasting – profile export
2.0.009d – New site menu
2.0.009e – Fixed missing forecast forms in SC and CC
2.0.009f – Fixed double admin forecast forms in CC
2.0.009g – Redesigned data form status in Data Forms search
2.0.009h – Fixed blank forecasts after saving
2.0.009i – Fixed problem saving Totals SA & SH
2.0.009j – Fixed problem Messages [inbox] empty
2.0.009k – Added contact signature to messages
2.9.009l – Forecast reporting
2.9.009m – Fix couple of forecast issues
2.9.009n – fixed contact menu to ensure root if using /login, added back home page login
2.9.009o – Fixed language switching
2.9.009p – Added Resource to Filter Profiles
2.9.009q – Show weight base even if unweighted in Surveys
2.9.009r – Removed PROFILE_REGION from code
2.9.009s – Fixed Ireland pitch and unit phrases in data form headers
2.9.009t – Added database name to footer
2.9.009u – Added IN clause to filter lists